Wednesday 1 July 2020

Royal Falls Elite series by Kristin Buoni

Step into the deliciously dark and scandalous world of America’s most exclusive prep school and find out what wicked games the filthy rich students of Royal Falls Academy play behind closed doors…

Breaking the new girl has never been so much fun…

My hometown of Royal Falls might be veneered with riches and elegance, but it hides a dark underbelly of sordid activity. Liars and sinners lurk around every corner… and I’ve just stumbled onto the worst one yet.

Her name is Laney Collins.

She’s a maid’s daughter with a scholarship to Royal Falls Academy, and she’s got a hell of a dark secret. Everyone else might be fooled by her sweet, innocent act, but I know the truth.

I know what she did last year.

Now that our senior year has started, she’s going to pay for her sins, and she’s going to learn her proper place at RFA. I own the school and everyone in it, and soon, I’ll own her too.

Welcome to my kingdom, Laney. You really should’ve stayed away…


Welcome to Royal Falls Academy…

Those five words were supposed to change my life. I thought I finally had friends, opportunities, and a ticket to freedom… but the privileged boys who rule RFA have other ideas. Especially their leader, Hunter Connery.

He’s rich, arrogant, and looks like a god. He also knows my darkest secret.

Now he’s marked me. Added me to the school’s infamous Blacklist to turn everyone against me.

I’m supposed to flee or beg for forgiveness before he drives me away with his ruthless cruelty, but that’s not going to happen, no matter how close I get to my breaking point. I’ll never fall on my knees for him, and he’ll never destroy me.

I might come from nothing, but that doesn’t mean I’m worthless… so bring it on, Hunter.

Savage Prince is a dark high school bully romance with content that some readers may find disturbing or offensive. The story follows on from the events of Twisted Elite and continues in Shattered Kingdom.

Twisted Elite (Book 0.5 – free prequel)
Savage Prince (Book 1)
Shattered Kingdom (Book 2)