Saturday, 28 April 2018

REVIEW: Welcome to the Dark Side (The Fallen Men, #2) by Giana Darling

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"...some princesses needing dragons to protect them instead of Prince Charmings to save them."

Already told that I'm not a big fan of MC books, but hey! A girl can change her mind. I'm glad that I didn't miss this series.
In Lessons in Corruption (The Fallen Men, #1) we meet Zeus Garro, Kings father and president of the Fallen MC. Instantly, I imagined him as Jason Momoa. Meow. 🔥🔥🔥

Welcome to the Dark Side is an sexy, emotional and forbidden romance. The story of two people from different worlds. Heartbreaking story about family, friendship, selfdiscovery and illness.

Louise Lafayette/Loulou Fox - the princess and the sinner. The daughter of the mayor, pawn to her parents, live a boring life. And at the age od 17, she doesn't want that life anymore.

"I always did my homework, got straight As, sat in the front pew of church every freaking Sunday at what felt like the butt crack of dawn, volunteered at the Autism Centre every weekend and never, ever, did anything to disrespect the Lafayette name.
At least, not when I was Louise Lafayette.
As Loulou Fox, I did everything my family stood against.
I gambled, partied, smoked, lied, cheated and generally disrespected all authority, every government given rule.
I was a seventeen-year-old teenage dirt bag and I fucking loved it."
“Well, you ready to commit yourself to the dark side?”

And Daddy Z? Jesus, that dirty mouth. When it comes to his little warrior, he doesn't hold back. 
But below that cruelty and violence, we find family man, loyal and protective, a man who loves without restraint.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t what you are.”
He grinned at me, amused and feeling indulgent. “And what’s that?”
“A true fallen angel, too bad for heaven, too good for hell, stuck on earth like a living divinity.”
“I think I’ll stick to bein’ a monster,” he teased.

Regardless of the age difference, they were made for each other. Louise is young, but she is an old soul. Zeus tries to keep his distance and push her away, but not for long. He needs her in his life. She is his fallen angel. his little warrior. And he is her guardian monster.
Can I get Daddy Z to be my guardian monster, pretty please? 🔥🔥🔥

I fell in love with this author, this world, these characters. King, Cress, Daddy Zeus, Lou, badass Harleigh Rose. I hope that the next book is about her and Danner, and that will be interesting 🔥

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