Saturday, 28 April 2018

REVIEW: Lessons in Corruption (The Fallen Men, #1) by Giana Darling

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I'm not really a fan of MC books, but I couldn't resist this blue-eyed pretty boy on the cover. And there is a forbidden tale between a student and a teacher. And age gap. Meow. 

You have to meet King. He was born and raised in the Fallen men MC, son of the Prez Zeus Garro, and he is currently a eighteen year old senior in high school. Smart, confident, strong and very sexy. And his dirty mouth! Jesus! He is all man. He knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to say it and take it. King is unlike any male character I have met before in books. He is on my list - favorite bookboyfriends.

“Never met a woman like you. Know I won’t again. You find somethin’ worth keepin’, you find a way to fuckin’ keep it. Not gonna stop, and just so you know, I got it that this could get you fired, that this could cause you embarrassment but what I got to say to that is this: whatever pain and ugliness I bring you by bein’ with you, I promise I’ll bring you double that in sweetness and beauty. You hear me on that, because I may be a man without a normal moral compass, but I’m a man who makes a woman a promise, and I’ll die before I break it.”

Cress babe!
Cressida lives a boring life with her husband. Young bride to an older man. She had been the good girl for 8 years, until one day across the parking lot, she saw the most beautiful man. He was to young for her, but she didn't care. And at that moment, at the age od twenty six, she decided to open her eyes and change her life. She wanted so much from life, wanted love and passion. Wanted something more.
For years she was controlled by her parents and her husband. I loved her awakening. It's not easy to make big changes in life.
She separated from her husband, started working as a teacher in a private high school in a small town. And one of her students is the most beautiful man from across the parking lot - King Kyle Garro.

"I saw him in a parking lot when I was picking up groceries. Not the most romantic place to fall in love at first sight but I guess you can’t choose these things."

King get what he wants, and he wants Cressida. She fought against him and push him away, but King is hard to turned down. Those two are perfect together, and I enjoyed their journey, which was not an easy one.

"What am I to you, King? A hot cougar, a plaything, a power trip? You’re asking me to risk everything.”
“I am,” he said immediately, leaning even closer so that I could hear his words in my ear, feel them against my mouth and see them scrawled in his bold, block print across his eyes. “And I’m not asking you to do that because you’re a fuckin’ hot lay. I’m asking you to risk everything to be my partner, to stand by my side and rule The Fallen men of Entrance, to lie, cheat and steal, to breathe my fuckin’ breath, take my kisses and my cock and reign with me. Be the Iron Queen to my Fallen King.”
Lessons in Corruption is the first book in The Fallen Men series. And I can't wait for the next book "Welcome to the Dark Side", about King's father - Daddy Zeus 🔥🔥🔥 

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